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Time of payment : 30 Minute

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Warm prompt

In order for your purchase to arrive quickly, please read the following notes carefully before trading:

1. Merchants are all real-name authentication merchants, and provide margin, can rest assured transactions;

2. If you want to apply to become a merchant, please email to Coffee Leaf Online Customer Service

3. Please use the bank card with which you are bound to make the remittance. Any other remittance will be refunded.

4. NMerchant processing time 9:00 - 21:00 Non-processing time orders will be placed the next day 9:00 Start processing, generally within 24 hours after receiving the order will complete the payment.

5. Only one day can initiate at most 10 sell orders.

6. Single recharge limit 100 CNY ~ 1000000 CNY|Single withdrawal limit 1 CNY ~ 1000000 CNY